Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ultimate Victory by Chamillionaire album review

Two years after his critically acclaimed debut album, The Sound Of Revenge, Houston based rapper Chamillionaire is back on the scene with Ultimate Victory. Ultimate Victory can be considered a trendsetting album because Chamillionaire uses no curse words on the album. This is one of the first mainstream hip hop albums geared to adults that is a clean album. Will Chamillionaire be able to overcome that to have the Ultimate Victory?

The first single is Hip Hop Police featuring rap legend Slick Rick. The song was produced by super producer Jonathan "JR" Rotem. The record is very different than what is in the marketplace currently. The song is more of a concept song as opposed to a club song and Chamillionaire has to be given credit for taking such a risk on his first single. The song is memorable because of how different it is but because of that factor was not able to take off on the charts.

The Evening News was featured in the video for Hip Hop Police and is also very different from current hip hop music. The song has a socially conscious lyrical message over more of a dance beat. The song was produced by Kane Beatz. The song talks about important issues such as the war in Iraq, the rising gas prices, dropout rates of high school students and Hurricane Katrina.

The Bill Collecta is the song most similar to Chamillionaire's biggest hit Ridin. The song features Ridin producers Play-N-Skillz and Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony. The beat is reminiscent of Ridin but just doesn't have that same pop appeal.

On Rock Star Chamillionaire is joined by rap superstar Lil Wayne. The track is a departure from the rest of the theme of the album. This is the most commercial song on the album with all the rock star references in hip hop presently. The track is produced by The Beat Bullies and features another strong verse from arguably the hottest rapper in the game Lil Wayne.

On Standing Ovation Chamillionaire even shows off his singing ability which is much better than most rappers who attempt to sing. You Must Be Crazy featuring Famous is one of the catchiest tracks on the album and The Ultimate Victory is the perfect way to close the album out.

Chamillionaire has to be given credit for doing an album that is completely out of left field. The album feels like a concept album with the lyrical content and the lack of profanity. This is a positive step for hip hop. Overall Ultimate Victory gets a 10 for concept and a 6 for delivery. So that comes out to an 8 for a great concept but a slightly failed delivery. If you're a fan of something different in your hip hop music check out

Track Listing:

1. The Morning News
2. Hip Hop Police (feat. Slick Rick)
3. Standing Ovation
4. Won't Let You Down (feat. KC)
5. Industry Groupie
6. Pimp Mode (feat. Bun B.)
7. Rock Star (feat. Lil Wayne)
8. Skit (feat. Spanky Hayes)
9. Tha Bill Collecta (feat. Krayzie Bone)
10. The Ultimate Vacation
11. Come Back to the Streets
12. I Think I Love You
13. The Evening News
14. Welcome to the South (feat. Pimp C)
15. You Must Be Crazy (feat. Lil Ken)
16. Me Breakin Up
17. (Skit) Stuck In The Ghetto (feat. Tony Henry)
18. Rocky Road (feat. Devin The Dude)
19. The Ultimate Victory

My Rating is 5 out of 5

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